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Nail wraps, Nail Polish Strips, Nail Stickers, Nail lacquer strips. It's the same product.

Easy application.

No heat or tools required.

Safe and non-toxic.

They last up to 14 days (Clearcoat of Nail polish is recommended for a long-lasting manicure)


-First Wash your hands to remove dirt, grease, etc.

- Wipe your nails with alcohol, wait 15 min for your nails to get completely dry.

- Choose the right size, same or smaller than your nail bed.

- Avoid applying on the cuticle or skin.

- File the excess in a downward motion.

-Apply right before bedtime or avoid getting your hands wet for 2-3 hours.

- Apply your clear coat of nail polish to protect this beautiful nail art and you are ready to go!

-You can also reapply a clear coat of nail polish every 2-3 days for a long-lasting manicure or as needed.

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