Leanna-Floral Design (Photochromic)

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Photochromatic nail polish strips contain light sensitive compounds which experience a structural change when exposed to sunlight. The UV rays in sunlight is absorbed by the compound and ultimately changes its state- meaning a noticeable change in colour.

The same technology is used for glasses that automatically change to sunglasses when moving outside. A compound in the glass reacts to the UV rays and changes to a darker colour to protect your eyes from the sun.


18 Strips

Nail wraps, Nail Polish Strips, Nail Stickers, Nail lacquer strips. Its the same product.

Easy application.

No heat or tools required.

Safe and nontoxic.

They last up to 14 days (Clear coat of Nail polish recommended for a long-lasting manicure)


-First Wash your hands to remove dirt, grease etc.

- Wipe your nails with alcohol, wait 15 min for your nails to get completely dry.

- Choose the right size, same or smaller than your nail bed.

- Avoid applying on the cuticle or skin.

- File the excess in a downward motion.

-Apply right before bedtime or avoid getting your hands wet for 2-3 hours.

- Apply your clear coat of nail polish to protect this beautiful nail art and you are ready to go!

-You can also reapply a clear coat of nail polish every 2-3 days for a long-lasting manicure or as needed.

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